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Both Virtus.pro and SK Gaming had above

The overtime was abutting but in the end, Virtus.pro took the map by a allowance of just two rounds. Train was a antipodal adaptation of Overpass. This time around, Astralis were the aggregation with a huge beforehand at the half time. Afore Virtus.pro acceptable the 30th round, Astralis had four map points. Abominably for Cheap csgo skins , none of those circuit were assured with a accomplishment roar.The appellation holders SK Gaming took on FlipSid3 in the added bout of the quarter finals. Unlike the antecedent one, this bout was advancing to be one sided from the beginning. The predictions seemed to be appropriate at aboriginal as SK actually ashamed FlipSid3 at the aboriginal bisected of the aboriginal map.




Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev's one man angle adjoin Aggregation Liquid deserves to be mentioned afore annihilation else. His teammates did their best but he was a complete CS god with absolute K D differences on every map, even on Cobblestone area Na'Vi won just six rounds. Unluckily for the Ukrainians and Natus Vincere, Aggregation Liquid played like champions. The endure quarter final bout of ESL One Cologne 2016 assured in a blink of an eye as fnatic destroyed Gambit bound on both maps. Even on Train which was alleged by Gambit as the aperture map, fnatic were far bigger than their CIS opponents.The aboriginal semi final bout was amid two allegorical teams.



Both Virtus.pro and SK Gaming had above victories in the accomplished and again, both of those teams were acquisitive to buy SSG 08 Skin accession one. The aboriginal map, Cobblestone, started with SK's pistol annular victory. The account was consistently abutting as the annular aberration was consistently beneath 4 circuit but the capital acumen abaft this was Wiktor "TaZ" Wojtas. The Polish adept was the top fragger of the map with 31 frags. Afterwards an intense, 36 annular connected map, Virtus.pro were the victors by a allowance of just two rounds. After accepting Cobblestone, which was SK's pick, Virtus.pro were assured jumping into Nuke.