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the European Parliament

At the aforementioned time, the Commission’s abstract Capability Accommodation for the Aloofness Shield is beneath advance on several fronts. The WP29 appear an Opinion in which it criticised the Commission’s angle and recommended a amount of changes to the Aloofness Shield.



The WP29 cited "strong concerns" about the akin of aegis afforded to claimed abstracts beneath the Aloofness Shield, and brash that businesses that were still relying on Safe Harbor should promptly apparatus added safeguards, such as Model Clauses or Bounden Corporate Rules. However, the acknowledged cachet of Model Clauses is now aswell getting befuddled into agnosticism (see above).


On 26 May 2016, the European Parliament (the "Parliament") voted on a non-binding Resolution, anesthetized by a majority of about 400, to antidote "deficiencies" in the Aloofness Shield. Like the WP29 Opinion, the Parliament’s resolution is not accurately binding, and the Commission could apparently avoid it. However, the Parliament’s Resolution ratchets up the political burden on the Commission to abode perceived failings in the Aloofness Shield, which include: